Big Magic

Staff_McDermott, TomThe late 20th century poet Jack Gilbert wrote, “Let me fall / in love one last time, I beg them. / Teach me mortality, frighten me / into the present. Help me to find / the heft of these days.”

Here at the beginning of Eastertide, the budding of spring, the welcoming of the season and invitation of faith, I am sitting with my mother in the hospital and thinking about ways to think about Resurrection — the promise of life that is as eternally present as it is mysteriously distant and slippery. To discover, as Gilbert wrote, what it might mean “to be frightened into the present and find the heft of these days.”

In her book, “Big Magic,” Elizabeth Gilbert (no relation to Jack) suggests that the depth and beauty of life is in learning to live creatively — not so much to create art as to live life with the kind of artistic curiosity, courage, and intentionality that brings the “heft of these days” into the light of beauty and depth and joy. Life invites life, even as light illuminates the darkness and love softens hate and fear.

So, how do we find the magic and the heft of these days? Where is resurrection inviting us to move? To dance? To love life with unbiased passion?

As I see it, life invites “burning” — living life fully, every day — forged in the crucible of the daily grind of careers, family, relationships, expectations, illness, burnout, tedium, crises, and more.


Living creatively, curiously, and vulnerably opens us to what new life might be created in the fires of our imagination, when play and compassion come together with frustration, tedium, and even fear. So in this season of Eastertide, please join us as we explore this Big Magic with a special slate of guest artists, actors, musicians, and storytellers to excite and inspire us along the way.


This Sunday, April 10, we’ll welcome the amazing storyteller,

Elizabeth Ellis


to our
9:39/11:11 celebration with

“the courage to seek life”

also featuring selected music of
Dan Wilson, Billy Joel, R.E.M.

Elizabeth was such a big hit last summer, we’re bringing her back to engage us with laughter and wisdom once again! Hope you can join us at either hour!

Until then . . .



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