Why a Bible study geared towards professionals?


BBB bannerTomorrow we’re kicking off a new time of Bible study and conversation, the Business Books and Bible study at Chimy’s in West 7th. This is a unique event for a number of reasons:

It’s a scripture study built around best-selling business and leadership books, rather than exclusively spiritual materials. The meetings will be 45 minutes long during lunch hour, and we’ll have a meal while we visit.

Meetings are every other week to work with your schedule. It’s a come-as-you-are study; you can read and prepare in advance, but it’s not required. Each meeting stands alone, you don’t have to attend each one in order to benefit or participate. It’s unusual to have a study that includes one of these elements, let alone all of them. So why is the Business Books and Bible study set up this way?

The best answer, in the words of Jen, the person who hatched this idea, is cohesiveness. Too often, we treat treat the spiritual, personal, social, and professional aspects of our lives as being independent. They aren’t. Your spiritual maturity plays a role while you build your career. Your professional characteristics influence the way you participate in the church. Our lives are networks of deep connections, and lasting growth and transformation takes all these connections into account.

As we start our study with Resonant Leadership, we’ll look at the power that leaders have in organizations, the factors that make leaders strong, and the ways that the most successful leaders stay resonant in the face of adversity. Along with the findings from the authors, we will examine lessons from scripture that ratify these lessons and help us grow spiritually as well as professionally. It’s an exciting new step that we’re thrilled to take together, I hope you can join us!

For more information about BBB or First7th ministries, please contact Rev. Lance Marshall (lmarshall@myfumc.org)


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