Connection Beyond Sundays

Lisa Helm“How do you come up with something to write about every week? Isn’t it kind of hard to think of stuff after a while?”

This recent question from a friend who reads my blog made me laugh out loud. “There’s so much going on here, that blog practically writes itself!” I replied. And it’s true. I never have to search for something to write about; my biggest challenge is deciding on just one thing from all that happens each and every week.

With so many people walking through the doors of this beautiful church every week to share so many different aspects of their lives, I’m never lacking for stories to tell about the wonderful things I see. Think about it. Our church plays a huge part in so many of life’s milestones — and as part of the church staff, we sometimes see many of these life events happening in the same day. Here we see families celebrating the baptism of babies, mourning the loss of loved ones, and joyfully planning their weddings. On weekdays parents bring their children to our Day School, and from my vantage point in the front office I get to watch the daily parade of moms and dads and small children — with strollers, animal and superhero backpacks, lovies, dolls, and stuffed animals. People come through our doors every day of the week for Bible studies, dominoes, and lay leadership meetings; across the parking lots church members give their time at First Street Methodist Mission to help see that hundreds of people each week can benefit from the ministry and services offered there. Countless meaningful connections between staff, church members, and visitors play out in front of me each and every day!

This realization occurred to me last Thursday as the halls were abuzz with the excitement of children about to perform for their parents and grandparents at the annual end-of-year Day School program. On my way to a meeting with our Director of Operations Sandy Williams, I heard our Front Office Assistant Rhonda Gaber wish longtime member Mary West a Happy 96th Birthday. A short while later, upon arriving back to my office, I encountered our Worship & Music Assistant and Wedding Coordinator Elaine Johnson as she greeted a prospective bride and groom to help them begin planning their wedding. As I passed the Main Office Conference Room, I saw our Assistant to Senior and Executive Pastors Elizabeth Becker lovingly wrapping and tying bows on the gifts our church would present to the high school seniors to be recognized on the coming Sunday. This was just one morning in the busy weekday life of our church and a sweet reminder of how this place offers a constant point of connection — beyond Sundays — for so many different lives in so many different ways.

See you this Sunday!

Lisa Helm,
Director of Welcoming Ministries


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