I Bet You Didn’t Know . . .

Larry GrubbI bet you didn’t know . . .

One of our members was the person who kept the schedule and made dates for The Beatles when they were in the United States. She often traveled with them.

The first female appointed by President Franklin Roosevelt to serve on the Social Security Administration was a member of our church.

One of our homebound men served as the warden at Leavenworth Prison. This is the prison where the most violent and hardened criminals were sent. He was a very dedicated Christian in his personal and professional life. He said he treated the prisoners with compassion and respect, and he never had any problems with any of them.

We recently had a dear lady pass away who had been on a feeding tube for eight years. She just laid in her bed, watched some TV, and prayed. She was alert and aware of her surroundings up to the very end of her life. She appreciated all visits and was grateful when she was offered Communion.

One of our dear ladies — who is now in a memory care facility — for many, many years came to the church every Monday morning to break down the flower arrangements used in worship. These were then taken by volunteers to those who were homebound or in the hospital. The recipients were overjoyed to be remembered by their church, and to have this gift from the worship service.

We have a precious lady who has been homebound for a number of years, and is now blind. She has many, many friends from her professional life, her neighborhood, and her church, and she is always so grateful for their presence in her life. When I go to visit her, her first question is usually, “How are things at the church?” She receives the DVD of our worship service, and she has a set time every week when she and her caregiver share in worship.

There are so many beautiful people, so many fascinating stories, and so many who have blessed the life of this church.




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