WE BELIEVE: 2013-2014 Confirmation Class Affirmation of Faith

The Confirmation Class has a tradition of working on their Affirmation of Faith during their spring retreat at Glen Lake Camp.  This year Martin Leathers led the group in brainstorming words and phrases about their beliefs regarding God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  A month later the class divided up into three groups to narrow the previous brainstorming down to seven or eight concepts that became part of their creed:


WE BELIEVE in a God of Love; the kind of agape love that is compassionate and selfless.  God forgives, guides, and sometimes even puzzles us.  We are grateful that God is merciful to all people in all places.  It is God in whom we place our trust, and it is God who blesses us in our receiving and our giving.

WE BELIEVE that Jesus is our Savior; our Guide; and our Leader.  In his human form, Jesus had faults like we do; and in his divine form he was perfect beyond our imagination.  Jesus was a miracle worker who changed the world and is still changing us.  His non-judgmental vision teaches us to “focus on the contents – not the bucket!”

WE BELIEVE in a personal angel, a voice of reason, and a path to God that is called the Holy Spirit.  The church has seen the Spirit as a messenger and guide, and we do as well.  It flows to us like refreshing water, and then is like a cup to offer a drink to everyone.  The Holy Spirit is the Breath of Life, Death, and Life Beyond Death.





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