Being Awe-struck

Charme RobartsHello everyone,

I’ve missed you while I was away and look forward to seeing you all on Sunday and thinking with you about our Gifts of the Dark Wood.

Being awe-struck: that moment when you realize (again) that your way is not the only way; that there might have been more to the story than you realized, that your way of seeing things is not the only one, AND instead of you having assumptions — your assumptions have you!

By choice our church is visiting the Dark Wood this Lenten season as a way to think together about how the dark and difficult times in life can actually hold valuable gifts for us, even if we don’t exactly see them at first. Of course we don’t have to orchestrate dark times — they just come our way because the path of darkness and trouble is a natural part of our lives — but hopefully the things we are discussing as a church will be useful for each of us and for our congregation as a whole as we journey through life together, facing these times.

Sometimes in those dark times we become painfully or joyfully aware that we need a new perspective. Maybe with both eyes open, a generous view of ourselves and others, and faith in the mysterious and ever-present love of God, a way can open up and we can walk through. Hang on, it might not all be logical. It may be more like being awe-struck, thunderstruck, or whacked on the side of the head.



Sunday, April 2
eleven:eleven celebration
“awestruck by the notion that I might be wrong”
charme robarts
featuring actor jakie cabe, the eleven:eleven revolution band,
and the music of talking heads, indigo girls, and paoli nutalo

Plan ahead for Easter . . .
eleven:eleven easter celebration!
rev. tom mcdermott
a special celebration of
music and storytelling with a beat!

Sunday, April 16  • 11:11 am only
Wesley Hall • FUMC Fort Worth
featuring “eleven:eleven revolution”
and a number of guest musicians and artists
(come early for refreshments and seating, as this service always fills up fast)


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