Begin in the Beginning

Lance Marshall3The story begins with a question: “Why?” Why are we here? Why is there something rather than nothing? Why did something as complex and nuanced as our lives, our families, our societies come to be? Why is it that the natural world continues to organize itself into more complex, more creative forms? Why?

The first step of the story of the relationship between God and humanity is an attempt to answer that question. Left on their own, humans love to create stories of how creation came to be, and so often these stories revolve creation myths filled with violence, deceit, and death. Left on their own, humans form ideas of gods made in the worst caricature of human weakness. Left on our own, humans form ideas that reveal creation to be ultimately chaotic, unstable, and pointless.

So God tells us a different story.

nightWhen God tells us the story of how we came to be, God doesn’t get bogged down in the details of molecular structure, energy conservation, and the myriad nuances of physics that explain how creation was made. God answers the question why. Physics can never answer that question, so God tells a story.

A story of a methodical, purposeful creation, where being is drawn out of nothingness and blessed with the very breath of God. Where the cosmos is populated with infinite diversity to reflect the depth and grandeur of God’s self. Finally, placed at the pinnacle of that creation is us, creatures filled with the breath of God, capable not only of love but of relationship, an expression of the very image of the divine placed deep inside of all of us.

When we tell the story of the relationship between humanity and God we have to begin in the beginning, with God telling us a different story so that we might understand. The world is ordered, and purposeful, and meaningful, and at the very center of it is God’s burning, undiluted love for all of us.


This blog is a portion of the message from the August 7 Gathering. Listen to the entire message below.



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