What A Beautiful Sight!

Staff_Partridge, Roger

Last Sunday was a special time for our congregation as we consecrated our 2015 commitments to ministry during our worship services. Many members had already completed their commitment card or completed the online form so they had the opportunity to recommit with their pledge to uphold our church with our prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness.

At the 11:00 am service, as Tim and Susan Bruster led the way to turn in their card followed by other staff and the choir, it soon became a joyous log jam of members at the communion rail, enjoying light conversation and smiles as we all waited our turn to turn in our commitment card. At one point, Rev. Larry Grubb summed it up for me, leaning over to whisper “isn’t this a beautiful sight?”

It was a beautiful sight to see our congregation coming together in shared commitment to our ministry for 2015.

The business office is now busy recording the 2015 commitments, and soon we will begin our follow-up phase. If you have a recurring payment on your credit card (or as a bank draft), please make sure that schedule is confirmed and updated if necessary with the business office. And, if you haven’t yet completed your 2015 commitment card, there is still time to be counted toward this years percentage of givers at any level. We need everyone to join us in support of our FUMCFW ministries. Click here to complete your 2015 commitment card now!

I hope you were able to celebrate your connection with FUMCFW through our collective commitment of gifts last Sunday. All ministry areas rely on our giving to offer programming that will Love God, Serve People and Transform Lives throughout the coming year; please join us with your 2015 commitment.

With gratitude,

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