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Many Silver Frogs know Dianne Fisher from her classes in signing for the hearing impaired and for her readiness to share favorite recipes and book reviews with Silver Streak readers. One more notch in her creative belt is her stitchery that she shares in projects with family and friends.

In that regard, she is on call in her faith community­ First United Methodist Church in downtown Fort Worth-for creative crafts that contribute to the worship experience.

In preparation for this year’s Lenten season observance, Elaine Johnson, FUMC’s worship coordinator, called on Dianne to sew colorful banners that would play a significant role in the sanctuary worship services. According to Johnson, “the story of Lent never changes; it’s how we look at it and what we do with it” that helps us to see it anew.

Dianne’s 12 banners of varying colors communicate in a dynamic fashion the words that illustrate the lectionary readings and clergy messages beginning with Ash Wednesday and concluding with Easter Sunday. Besides the banners, clear glass blocks illustrate the “stumbling block words” as the message is delivered and are turned over to the “stepping stone words” as the path forward. At the same time, Taize-style prayers and subtly colored lighting enriches the experience.

The rich colors in the banners-some from the Bible and some from psychology-reflect the following stumbling block/stepping stone words for the various stages in the Lenten observances:

  • Ash Wednesday: Sin (red) and Forgiveness (blue)
  • Temptation (fuchsia or hot pink) and Deliverance(orange)
  • Doubt (turquoise) and Faith (purple)
  • Pride (violet) and Humility (brown)
  • Resentment (misty yellow) and Compassion (emerald green)
  • Insincerity (amber) and Integrity (white)
  • Palm Sunday: a mixture of greens as in palms
  • Maundy Thursday: amber for the color of bread
  • Good Friday: black
  • Easter Sunday: champagne for the beginning sunrise

This was a labor of love for Dianne who confesses that she worked five eight-hour days in the creation of the banners. “Combining the colors in an artistically pleasing manner and making sure the banners were long enough was a real challenge,” Dianne said. But she and the FUMC community are pleased with the outcome.

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Originally published in the April 2022 issue of Silver Streak Magazine. The photos and article were used with the permission of the writer, Carolyn Stephens.


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