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Making all of Life a Prayer

By | May-07-2020 | Pray, Sanctuary, Worship, Z - Front Page

I think we have thought of prayer so much as something we do—an activity in which we mostly ask for something from God — that it may be hard for us to think of prayer as constant attitude, orientation to God, and awareness of the presence of God. I invite you consider some questions: What is your prayer life like? When and how do you most often pray? What do you find most difficult about praying? What would it mean for you to “pray continually” or to make “all of life a prayer?”


The Sacredness of the Present

By | Apr-29-2020 | Sanctuary, Worship, Z - Front Page

What are those things in your life that distract you from being present in the moment? What stands in your way of attending to the presence of God in your life? This week, I invite you to consider your worries and distractions and how they may be keeping you from being fully present to what is most important.


The Resurrection and the Life

By | Apr-08-2020 | Sanctuary, Z - Front Page

This week, Holy Week, we walk through and remember the significant moments of Jesus’ last week on earth. But this year is different. I invite you to consider what it means when we as Christians call ourselves “resurrection people” and talk about living a “resurrection life.”  It is Good Friday, but Sunday is coming.


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