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Rev. Nancy Froman

23rd Psalm

By | Jul-25-2016 | Reflections

I attended a funeral this past Saturday at another United Methodist Church in the Fort Worth area. It was a Celebration of Life for the mother/grandmother of a family that I became very close with at the first church I served as a minister.


Fort Worth Blue Zones Project — Aging Well

By | Nov-12-2015 | First Street Methodist Mission

I attended a symposium about “Aging Well: Body, Mind and Spirit” last week. One of the presentations was about the Blue Zones project that is currently happening in Ft. Worth. The “Blue Zones” are longevity spots around the globe where there are clusters of peopleliving past 100 years old — Sardinia Italy, Okinawa Japan, Loma Linda California, Ikaria Greece, and Nocoya Costa Rica.


LOVE at First Street Mission

By | Sep-29-2015 | First Street Methodist Mission, Outreach

I LOVE working at First Street Mission! But the work that the staff and volunteers do together is difficult much of the time. We would like to help or to “fix” the people during their short visit us, but we see that major life solutions will take time and need the cooperation of the individual and the whole community working together. It has been true in my life and I am grateful for those who shared my journey with me through the hard spots and on to better places. What we are able to do is be present with someone for those few moments and offer genuine concern and try to encourage, along with the lunch or groceries or clothes that we can give to them.


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