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Rev. Page Hines

God, You Can’t Mean THOSE People!

By | Jul-14-2015 | Sanctuary

I don’t know about you but I have always enjoyed the Jonah story. I mean, who wouldn’t delight in a defiant prophet (I would venture to say that there is a little rebellious prophet in all of us)? And then there is a big fish that swallows the prophet, toys with him in his belly for a few days, and then vomits him up onto the shore (Yuck!).


Easter Sunday in DiscipleChurch

By | Apr-02-2015 | DiscipleChurch, Lent, Worship

I hope that you will join us this Sunday for a very special Easter worship service! I will be preaching and the sermon will continue our focus on the Prayer of Saint Francis — Lord, make me an instrument of your peace — looking at the culminating line of the prayer “And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.” Whether you are currently feeling like this day — this Easter day — is a NEW day blooming with possibilities or just another dreary day in a long line of struggles, please come be in community with us — come to love others and to be loved!


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