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Martin Leathers

And . . .

By | Mar-31-2016 | Sanctuary

Well friends, another Easter has come and passed. The music has rung out. The eggs have been hunted. The brunches have been eaten. Jesus is risen! And just like that moment on Christmas morning after the presents have all been opened, we are left to ask, “What now?”


Not What We Expected

By | Sep-10-2015 | DiscipleChurch, Worship

The world gets faster and faster every day. And when you’re a 26-year-old single guy in 2015, that acceleration has changed the way dating works. In recent years, online dating has risen and become much more commonplace. A couple of years ago I took my first chance making a couple of accounts on a couple of different websites that promised to help match me with my perfect companion. Well, unfortunately, I didn’t find her online.


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