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Rev. Linda McDermott

Advent Devotional: December 22, 2016

By | Dec-22-2016 | Advent, Devotional

There was a time in my younger days when I was truly struggling with the direction I wanted my life to take — or at least which path on which I should take my first steps! I knew where my heart was being tugged — yet I fought it, knowing that there were safer, less challenging paths among my options.


Advent Devotional: December 4, 2016

By | Dec-04-2016 | Advent, Devotional

There are communities, individuals, and places where it seems impossible to imagine anything good coming as they sit on the stump of utter despair. I have sat on that stump — perhaps you have, too. Maybe you are there now. There is no peace in that place where hope is nowhere to be grasped, although you cling desperately to your faith for a word from God.


Getting Close

By | Nov-18-2016 | Traditional Worship

In the story Jesus told about a man stopping to help a stranger on the road, a story we call “The Good Samaritan,” the audience would have grown up hearing all the warnings about the dangers on the road to Jericho.


I’ll ‘Carpe Diem’ Tomorrow

By | May-11-2016 | Traditional Worship

I have been a longtime fan of the cartoon strip, “Calvin and Hobbes.” Often, I have been impressed by both the wit and the wisdom of this little boy and his pet tiger. Recently I found this conversation between the two main characters that perfectly captured my orientation to being creative.


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