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New Year, Same Us

By | Jan-04-2018 | Youth Ministries

Let’s talk 2018. As of September 18, I have been the functional Director of Youth Ministries, and as of November 1, I have been the official Director of Youth Ministries.


Something to Say

By | Dec-06-2017 | Youth Ministries

If adults are talking about something that they see on the news, then teenagers are talking about it too. And I know what headlines my friends and I are talking about.


A Smaller Advent

By | Nov-29-2017 | Youth Ministries

This year for Advent, we’re going small. Taking inspiration from the church’s larger advent theme, First Light, and its visual of a single candle, we over at the Justin plan to reign in the ever-expanding, all-encompassing Christmas madness, and practice a little self-restraint.


Oak Trees

By | Nov-15-2017 | Youth Ministries

Last weekend, I got to take a group of our high school youth out to Lyle Lodge for our High School Retreat. Our theme this year was koinonia, which is the Greek word for community.


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