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Kat Bair

Jackie Sets Sail!

By | Apr-24-2019 | Youth Ministries

I have had the great privilege of working with Jackie three of those four years, and it has been so much fun to watch her grow up, grow into her own skin, and figure out where God is calling her.


Teenage Heartbreak

By | Mar-20-2019 | Youth Ministries

Our teenagers care deeply about everything, it’s one of the most powerful things about working with them — they care about their relationships, their friends, things they read about in the news, and things they hear about in the church.



By | Feb-28-2019 | Conference News, Youth Ministries

Maybe the key to keeping our balance when our world is spinning around us is in naming those truths about our church’s life together, and particularly our church’s life together with LGBT+ people that can keep us steady.


Under Pressure

By | Feb-20-2019 | Youth Ministries

This Wednesday, at TCU, will be Paschal High School’s annual No More Symposium. The No More Symposium is an annual gathering of people committed to advocating for adolescent mental health, and suicide prevention.


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