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Productive Still

By | May-09-2020 | Pray, Youth Ministries, Z - Front Page

This school year was a whirlwind of very inconvenient incidences that made me stray from the productivity I find so much comfort in and made my naturally busy-bodied soul feel frustrated, angry, and disappointed. So to all of my fellow busy-bodies out there: Be still. It might be the most productive thing you do all day.


A COVID Devotional by Linda Duncan

By | Mar-27-2020 | Devotional, Healthy Plate Goes Digital, Z - Front Page

A short while ago, when the world was very different, I signed up to do the devotional for today, March 22, 2020. Somehow, I felt called to do the devotional today, even though we’re not meeting. It’s probably just guilt, but it feels more like a response to missing normalcy, but, really, I’m just missing y’all and wanting to reach out in whatever way possible.



By | Oct-30-2019 | Stewardship & Generosity

Guest Blogger: Kelly Fox, Stewardship Ministry Leadership Team

Imagine. When I hear this word I think of the John Lennon song that describes a life with no greed or hunger where the world lives as one.


Meet Gabby!

By | Aug-29-2019 | Youth Ministries

Guest Blogger: Gabby Wilkinson, Youth Ministries Intern
My name is Gabby Wilkinson, I am currently a senior Speech-Language Pathology major at Texas Christian University, and I am the newest Youth Ministry Intern for FUMCFW!


Thoughts on Matthew 25

By | Jul-24-2019 | Alzheimer's & Dementia Support, Outreach

Guest Blogger: Linda Abel, RN, President of Dementia Friendly Fort Worth

As we are reaching out to train people in businesses, organizations, and institutions as part of the Age-Friendly Dementia-Friendly certification program, and as we work on fundraising and organizational needs, it is easy to lose sight of our mission.


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