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Rev. Gena Anderson

GPS: November 17, 2016

By | Nov-17-2016 | Devotional

Think about your own life and how you have given yourself to others. What do you think “God loves a cheerful giver” means? How have you seen giving have a positive effect upon your life and the life of others?


GPS: November 16, 2016

By | Nov-16-2016 | Devotional

In this Psalm, the Psalmist talks about crying out to God and that God listened to the Psalmist. Listening is such an important gift that we can give others. Unfortunately, we have lost much of the importance of listening in modern culture.


GPS: November 15, 2016

By | Nov-15-2016 | Devotional

In this passage, the apostle Paul talks about the Christian faith like running a race. Today, I want you to think about the running image and compare it to your Christian life. If you have time, take a blank piece of paper and draw a timeline of your faith journey. Where you have been and where you are going?


GPS: November 14, 2016

By | Nov-14-2016 | Devotional

Jesus tells his ancient hearers that they cannot serve God and wealth. Think about how you utilize money for building up God’s kingdom here on earth. Think about how money has gotten in the way of you developing the life-giving relationship with God that we all deserve.


GPS: November 12, 2016

By | Nov-12-2016 | Devotional

I am thankful that God’s grace and mercy are far more generous than we can ever imagine. I don’t know about you but I am often in need of both. Think about how God has extended mercy or grace to you.


GPS: November 11, 2016

By | Nov-11-2016 | Devotional

As followers of the faith, we yearn to be with God, to know God, and to be in close communion to God. When do you feel closest to God? Is there some activity that makes your feel in closer proximity to God?


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