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Bubbles & Bras

By | Mar-31-2016 | Outreach

On Thursday, April 7, Tarrant County Homeless Coalition is hosting their annual Bubbles & Bras event. For every new or even gently used bra that you donate, you can enjoy a bargain-priced glass of champagne.


See a Sermon

By | Oct-08-2015 | First Street Methodist Mission

I have the privilege of attending the Texas Hunger Summit hosted by Baylor University where I listened to and learned from the best about alleviating hunger locally and globally. One of the plenary sessions was a dialogue about Faith and Public Service.


Persistence Pays Off

By | Oct-01-2015 | First Street Methodist Mission

After many nights of grumbling, my husband finally asked, “Elizabeth, why not let the little bird alone, it’s obvious she’s not giving up!” It was true, this winged beauty was not giving up — we’d had our showdown for about two weeks now! She had discovered the perfect home for her nest, it was cool under the roof of the porch and out of the weather.



By | Jul-07-2015 | First Street Methodist Mission, Outreach

Alright, I’m not the type of person to make much of coincidence, but lately one word has crossed my path three times in three very different ways. So I’m thinking to myself, maybe I should pay attention. There’s something to learn and my full attention is now focused on the lesson at hand.


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