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How To Avoid Thinking “God is on the Side of the Poor”

By | Jul-01-2020 | Community Advocate, DiscipleChurch, Pray, Worship, Z - Front Page

The first beatitude, “blessed are the poor” in Luke’s gospel, reads “blessed are the poor in spirit” in Matthew’s gospel. Jesus is not telling people to be poor, or poor in spirit so they can gain the kingdom of heaven. He’s making an announcement — God is for the poor. The question for the church is — who are we for?


Always Raising Cain

By | Jun-18-2020 | Community Advocate, Z - Front Page

For all the questions we may fairly ask about the story of Cain and Abel, there are a few critical issues that must not get lost in our questions about the text. What does it really mean to “be my brother (and sister)’s keeper? In the words of Elie Wiesel,”do your best.” Here’s a little bit more about how that might look in today’s world.


Is Mother’s Day Hard For You?

By | May-07-2020 | DiscipleChurch, Serve, Z - Front Page

Wherever we are on the spectrum of emotion around Mother’s Day, giving ourselves and others space for authenticity can be a gift. Jesus said, “Be happy with those who are happy and weep with those that weep” – it’s a flow kind of thing that has rhythm and balance and warmth, like the womb of a good mother.



By | Apr-30-2020 | DiscipleChurch, Z - Front Page

Following Jesus is about how we impact others, but it is also about noticing how God is at work in the people around us. Sometimes we just need to pay attention and be taught, led, caught, and collected. That, too, makes an impact.


Answering the Call

By | Apr-22-2020 | DiscipleChurch, Z - Front Page

Last week when yet another community need came into view, First Church volunteers stepped up! Because Presbyterian Night Shelter is now allowing their guests to stay in the shelters all day instead of asking them to leave first thing in the morning, they need 300 sandwiches each day. Here’s how you can help.


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