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Charme Robarts

Gordian Knots

By | Jan-11-2018 | DiscipleChurch

There is an ancient myth about a kingdom with no king. But the time came when an oracle proclaimed that the first person to come through the gates driving an ox cart would be the new king.



By | Jan-11-2018 | DiscipleChurch

In our family, as I’m sure in yours, we often look at the children among us and talk about how this one or that one has her father’s eyes, her mother’s smile, or her uncle’s sharp wit.


Ten Thousand Places

By | Nov-30-2017 | DiscipleChurch

Usually, we don’t need to be convinced of it and mostly we don’t need a definition. Love is the object and subject of our life. We want it, seek it, give it, receive it, remember it. Its loss breaks us; its presence revives and heals us.


Always the Perfect Gift!

By | Nov-21-2017 | Outreach

Every year our church gets excited about the opportunities to give gifts to people in our community. It’s that time again and this year you have the chance to join the: With Love From FUMCFW Red Bag Food Drive.


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