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Rev. Casey Orr

The Lord Really Has Risen

By | Apr-26-2017 | Sanctuary

While it was only two weeks ago, Easter might already seem a distant memory to some of us. The joyful bigness of the day has faded back into the mundane routine of work and school and chores and responsibility.


The One Thing

By | Jul-15-2016 | Sanctuary

The story is brief and seemingly simple. While traveling, Jesus enters a village and approaches the home of a woman named Martha. She opens the door and welcomes him in as her guest. Jesus sits and speaks, sharing himself and his message.


8.2.15 in DiscipleChurch

By | Jul-30-2015 | DiscipleChurch, Worship

Henri Nouwen describes that our whole life can me imagined like a horizontal line that goes infinitely in both directions. And if we imagine that line going eternally into the past and eternally into the future, then that entire line is covered in God’s “I love you” to us.


A Great Big Blessing

By | Jul-08-2015 | Sanctuary

These verses are a reminder that God’s love for us is great. By grace, it is promised. We might struggle to hear this message, but kids don’t have as much trouble with this, do they? I wonder if it’s because we are so faithful to tell them all the time. “I love you.” “God loves you.” “You are special.” “You are precious.” “Jesus loves you.”


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