Attend to Your Worship

Connection Card17_HSNow that the holiday hustle has subsided and the new year is underway, it’s a great time to settle back in and look forward to spending more time together as a church family in worship. This is also a wonderful time to renew our commitment to making our presence here known each week by registering our attendance! Not only does filling out that attendance card help our staff keep up with who’s here, who’s missing, and who’s visiting; research shows that taking attendance can actually help a congregation accomplish more.

Here are just a few ways that keeping track helps:

  • If everyone fills out a card, it encourages our guests to do the same. The attendance card allows everyone to take part in the offering so they won’t feel out of place if they are new to our church, give online, or choose not to give money.
  • It allows us to keep attendance records for current members of our congregation and send cards to those who have been missing for a few weeks.
  • We can identify new guests who aren’t already in our records and then mail them a handwritten note and a small memento of their visit.
  • If someone wants to be a teacher or is nominated to be a church leader, we are able to track whether they have been attending consistently.
  • After we find out which geographic and demographic areas we are reaching, we can keep this information in mind when planning and expanding programs and events.

Let us know when you’re here so we can make plans for the year. See you soon!


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