The Attendance Challenge Continues . . . and Homework for Parents

Mark BurrowsAs we head into the weekend, I wanted to remind everyone about our April Attendance Challenge in Academy.

We have two Sundays to go, and the class with the highest average attendance gets a pancake party!

Homework for Parents:

Our theme this month is “Wow.”

Rather than attempting to teach your child about wonder, have your child teach you.

Children are naturals at finding the Wow in things.

(Just the other day I had a five-minute conversation with a child about a wiggly tooth. Wonder moments don’t have to be humongous.)

Try to look at the world through the eyes of a child, even for just a minute.

You might be amazed by what you see!

Have a great weekend,


Mission Day Camp: June 13 – 17

Vacation Bible School: July 11 – 15


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