Are you listening to me?

Do you know how to pray? Do you know how to speak to God in prayer, how to express yourself and verbalize the condition of your soul? Do you know how to listen to God, to open your heart to be in communion with your creator? Do you know why you’re praying, understanding it’s purpose and intent?

Do you know how to pray?

In just a few weeks we will enter a new year, a perfect time to reorient ourselves towards the most important things in life. I want us to take a few weeks to focus deeply on the concept — and the habit — of prayer. Too often, churches say “prayer is important” without diving deeply into how to do it. Our new series “Are You Listening to Me? A Beginner’s Guide To Prayer” will address these questions:

  • Why do we pray? What’s the point?
  • What difference does prayer make?
  • Why are so many prayers unanswered?
  • What am I supposed to say/do when I pray?
  • How do I know if I’m doing it right?
  • How do I hear from God?
  • What does it mean if I don’t “hear from God?”

Living as a Christian means living like Jesus, and Jesus lived a life of prayer. “Are You Listening to Me?” will take place in the first three weeks of January, helping you take steps towards a richer practice of prayer and blessing you in the process.

See you Sunday!

Rev. Lance Marshall


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