Robert StovallWednesday night music rehearsals are exhilarating to me. This past Wednesday night, the rehearsals gave me a feeling of “there in not ONE piece of music we CAN’T do!” Our choir members are so dedicated and engaged in the lessons provided that it allows me to teach on a higher level and expect high results. ANTICIPATION was the focus last evening. When singing in the moment, we must always anticipate what is to come in the next phrase or on the page turn. The anticipatory concept allows us to realize what is required to be successful when presenting text through song. We want to deliver the message with complete confidence, energized thought that produces energized tone, and beautiful, balanced harmonies. With this theme, we were able to produce many musical moments in 3 of the 4 selections in rehearsal. I am truly excited for Sunday when we present to the congregation in both the 9:30 and 11:00 am traditional worship services, “Ain’t Judgin’ No Man!” It’s a driving, brisk, a cappella spiritual that will allow you, the listener, to feel exhilarated, just as I did last evening. I am ANTICIPATING the choir to respond Sunday as they did Wednesday. I am ANTICIPATING sending a strong message to our congregation as well. I hope you will be here to listen and feel the high level of energy Choral Union offers. With that, COME JOIN US. This energized feeling can be contagious. Feel tired on Wednesdays? Come be with us. You will see what I mean if you come.




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