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By February 11, 2016eleven:eleven, Worship

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not your typical church experience . . . 

not even close!

This is Amos Lee, Ruthie Foster, Depeche Mode, Ed Sheeran . . . it’s Indigo Girls meets Florence and the Machine, Pink Floyd meets the Pretenders. It’s spoken word, humor, and one of the area’s best cover bands. It’s worship where East meets West, and tradition meets the unorthodox — spirituality seeking to reconnect spirit without disconnecting mind.

It may get a little complicated. Life does. But it will always be affirming, inclusive, and surprising! We won’t have all the answers, but we will make room for joy, compassion, and humility.

Come casual. Come curious. Come with friends and family. Or come to find friends that become like family. Join us as we celebrate life, Sunday mornings at nine:thirty-nine!

Each Sunday
9:39 & 11:11 am | Wesley Hall
First United Methodist Church of Fort Worth
800 W. 5th Street | Downtown Fort Worth


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