Another Reason to be First Church Proud: Youth Ministries

Thanks to your generosity that supports First Church Ministries — and in particular, FUMCFW Youth Ministries — I began my week shedding some tears. Not to worry though, because they were tears of joy!

Director of Youth Ministries Kat Bair shared a video of the Cornerstone Youth Choir singing a beautiful song composed by youth choir director Erin Ypya in honor of our 2020 FUMCFW graduating seniors.

I followed up by watching the entire Virtual 2020 Youth Banquet which was wonderfully and cleverly done. Hosted by Kat, along with Associate Director of Youth Ministries Matt Britt and Youth Ministries Intern Chris Vardy, it was fun hearing about the antics of our youth during the Justees Awards. Another inspiring moment included messages presented by our seniors as they shared sound advice for the younger youth and heartfelt accolades for our Youth Ministries.

Throughout the summer, our Youth Ministries staff has maintained ongoing contact with our teens. During the last week of July, a few middle school and high school students enjoyed fellowship and socially distant fun during mini day camps at Lyle Lodge. Youth volunteers have also given up the air-conditioned comfort of home, opting instead to be out in the grueling summer heat and humidity while distributing groceries to First Street Methodist Mission families in need.

As resilient as we often envision the younger generation because of their ease in dealing with this “new normal,” virtual lifestyle; in reality, our youth are struggling alongside us adults! I can assure you that Kat, Matt, Brenda, and Chris have the physical and spiritual well-being of every First Church youth as their priority during these unusual, uncertain days.

Your gifts make this lifeline possible for our youth, some of whom will likely become our future First Church leaders!

Thank you!

Together Through Christ,


Director of Stewardship


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