Annoyed but Still Smiling

Dear First Church Friends,

Thanks to you, I am sitting here with a smile on my face listening to the annoying sound of a jackhammer in the background!

Today I celebrate you for making my smile happen. Thank you for your awe-inspiring endorsement of the Next90 campaign demonstrated by your faithful giving.

As a quick reminder: just over 12 months ago – March 2020 – the Next90 Phase I Capital Campaign began with 392 households making financial commitments that totaled $5,382,065. Commitments span a 2 year period and members can decide if they prefer paying it off over 24 months, 12 months, annually, or in one payment.

Construction began in December and is at 33% towards completion.

As of this writing, 57% of the committed dollars have been raised along with an additional $118,557 coming in from households that did not make commitments.

In addition to the $5+ million that will come in from individuals, the First Methodist Church of Fort Worth Foundation is participating in the campaign with a gift of $1.5M. The church trustees also designated a Next90 gift of $5M which resulted from two estate gifts made directly to the church several years ago.

With the construction cost estimated at $15.6M, there is a possible balance of $4.1M to be raised, providing participation opportunities for those who desire to make a gift but have not yet done so.

FUMCFW has historically been fiscally conservative and debt careful. FUMCFW projects no long-term debt from Phase I and is optimistic that the project will be close to being fully funded in the next 12 months when the campaign and construction are completed.

Today I commend you for your discipleship that will ultimately bring about a transformation not only of our downtown church but a transformation for many who will walk in our doors in the years ahead.

I am happy to put up with the bothersome sound of big machinery and jackhammers. Thanks to you, we are preparing for our next 90 years of ministry as we actively prioritize worship, children’s ministry, and hospitality as meaningful ways of growing God’s Kingdom.

To quote Rev. Lance Marshall, “Can I get an AMEN!”

If you would have any questions about the campaign, your commitment, or the ongoing construction, please reach out to me at 817-339-5098 or send me an email at

You are truly appreciated! Again, thank you.

Together thru Christ,

Nancy Fisher
Director of Stewardship


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