Angels Among Us

This year’s Advent Theme, “The Angels of Christmas” is such a lovely theme. I am partial to Gabriel because of the significant role he plays in the announcement of baby Jesus’ birth.

I feel fortunate to have angels in my life, and although they are not Gabriel moments, I feel very blessed by how they interact with me. Some are spiritual encounters – a light breeze or chime or bell in the distance brings an awareness of my mom’s or dad’s angelic presence.

Many other times there are earthly encounters with individuals who are physically in my presence and through their actions bring a sense of calmness or revelation into my life.

And then there are everyday experiences – Angels Among Us moments – often happening on Sunday mornings, that bring joy and gratitude into my life. Many of you would be counted in that earthly count:

  • when you greet me on 5th Street or in the Welcome Center or
  • when I enjoy the enthusiasm of a little boy proudly assisting Mister Mark in the 11:00 Children’s Moment (if you missed it, watch the 11:00 service online) or
  • when I hear the sound of angels’ voices giving glory to God from the choir loft throughout this Advent season!

I am so thankful to have all of these angel encounters!

I am even more grateful to be a part of this faith community, so I thank YOU for your being!

I look forward to seeing you this Sunday and really look forward to seeing you on Christmas Eve.

My wish for you this Advent season is that your life overflows with angel encounters that will fill your life with the beauty, rejoicing, and peace that was brought into the world on that night of our “dear Savior’s birth.”

Christmas Blessings,

Nancy Fisher
Director of Stewardship


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