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By September 15, 2016Welcoming Ministries

Lisa Helm“You will never get a second chance to make a first impression.”  — Will Rogers

Here’s a sobering thought: most first-time visitors to our church will decide whether or not to return for a second visit within the first 10 minutes they are here. Though our ultimate purpose is spiritual and we exist to serve as a place of worship, we are also in the hospitality business. These first-time guests have basic expectations and desires that must be met very quickly if we hope to meet their criteria for a return visit.

Those who are part of what I like to call our “front line” — serving as greeters in the Welcome Center, parking lots, entrances and hospitality carts, as well as the ushers in every service — are actually Ambassadors for our church. They are the first people a visitor encounters; their smiling faces are literally the face of FUMC Fort Worth. These volunteers truly make all the difference in how first-time visitors experience our church.

In order to ensure FUMCFW is as warm and welcoming as possible, I have some exciting news to share with you: our church receptionist, Jennifer Stephens, will now be in the Welcome Center from 9:00 am – noon on Sundays.

Now, does that mean we no longer need Welcome Center volunteers?

Absolutely not! Having Jennifer in the Welcome Center on Sunday mornings makes sure there is always at least one person in the Welcome Center, and it allows volunteers to visit freely with members and visitors, walk people to a Sunday School class, or recommend a worship service. With Jennifer as our Welcome Center constant, others on hand will be free to respond when there are several people with questions or in need of assistance at once!

Turning visitors into members is the lifeblood of our church, and it takes all of us to accomplish it. Volunteering with our Welcoming Ministries is such an easy (and fun!) way to serve our church because it is very flexible (in terms of how often you wish to serve), and while you’re here on Sundays, why not spend a little bit of time on the front line? I promise you’ll be glad you did! Please contact me ( at 817-339-2403 to learn more.

Special thanks to all of our FUMCFW front-line ambassadors who make it a joy for all of us — visitors and members — to come to church!

See you Sunday,

Lisa Helm
Director of Welcoming Ministries


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