Amazing Grace is in a commanding lead!

Taylor DavisNo Surprise!

After one week, a somewhat meager total of 88 offering plate and online votes shows Amazing Grace is in a commanding lead! And while I won’t tell you what’s in second place, I will say that “Hymn of Promise” is a bit of a surprise in third place. A favorite hymn contest usually yields people asking for the “good ol’ hymns,” but “Hymn of Promise” was written less than 30 years ago. It just goes to show, a good hymn defies age!

Keep voting, spread the word, and stay tuned for more.

MorningSong begins this week! Our summer choir sings for the first time this Sunday, and all you have to do is show up 30 minutes before the 11:00 am service to learn the offertory!

Some frequently asked questions:

1. Do I have to show up every week? No…but we’d love for you to.

2. Do I have to sing both services? No.

3. Are there auditions? No.

4. Will I be forced to sing a solo? No.

5. Are you recruiting for Choral Union? Always.

6. Does this mean I’m joining Choral Union? No.

7. Do we wear robes? No…just Sunday clothes.

8. Can I bring a friend? Yes! A thousand times, yes!

9. Can I stand next to said friend? Yes.

10. Is there an initiation? No.

Okay, so I totally made up that last one. But the other questions are actual questions I’ve received about MorningSong. We are hoping to knock down the preconceived notions about singing in a choir for a few weeks…so come give it a shot! Easy music, fun music, great people – what’s not to like? We’ll see YOU this Sunday at 10:30 am in the choir room.


Click here to vote for your favorite hymn.


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