Always the Perfect Gift!

By November 21, 2017Outreach

Charme RobartsEvery year our church gets excited about the opportunities to give gifts to people in our community. It’s that time again and this year you have the chance to join the:

With Love From FUMCFW Red Bag Food Drive

I know, lots of words there. But easy to understand.

With Love

From us

Red Food Bags

Food — always the perfect gift.

The bags of food that you bring to church during the first three weeks of Advent will be given to our longtime partners, United Community Centers. In case you didn’t know, women from our church started this great organization almost 100 years ago.

We’ve continued our partnership throughout the years with UCC, which now has three great locations across the city, providing educational services to children, parents, and senior citizens.

Pick up your Red Food Bag on Sunday, November 26, fill it with love and food, and bring it back to FUMCFW any of the following Sundays (December 3 – 17), and we will make sure it gets to United Community Centers.



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