All Saints’ Day is This Sunday

By October 29, 2015Sanctuary

All Saints' Day15_HSAll Saints’ Day

Sunday, November 1, 2015

On this day we remember those church members who have died since October 16, 2014, through October 15, 2015.

Marilyn Alsmiller, Betty Ambrose, Joseph Ambrose, Wanda Ballard, Joyce Birdsong, Krisha Denise Blackwell, Jan Bradley, Mary Burdette, Wendell Chantry, Betty Chura, Dolores Cox, John Flynn, Randy Freeman, David Grant, Loren Hanson, Bobbie Hartman, Dale Hulsey, Kyle Humphrey, Jim Jones, Daphne Motheral Jose, Bernice Josephs, Elaine Jutson, Frances Kauffman, Arthur Keller Jr., Betty Kelly, Merle Kelly, Ray Kimmons, Nancy Lanford, Richard Laswell, Marian Lewis, Judith Lokey, Brandon Martin, Nelda Martin, Betty McCrary, Kathryn McGar, Elizabeth McManus, Robert McMillin, Susan Mitchell, Lewis Pratt, Patsy Pritchard, Glenn Reynolds, Alzada Riggs, William Scott Jr., Bob Snow, Boss Snow, Billie Sommermeyer, Alvis Stephens, Frances Stuart, Ruby Sutter, Beverly Taylor, Gordon Teague, C. L. Turner, William Weiter, G. Wright Wilemon, Betty Wright, Jim Wright, and Kathleen Wunderlich. All Saints’ Day is the celebration of people of faith who have contributed to the creation of God’s kingdom. These saints were not perfect, but were people who were trying to listen to God’s word and live God’s call. This is the “communion of saints” — that fellowship of believers that reaches beyond time and place, even beyond death.


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