Safety Tips: Working After Hours/Early In

By April 12, 2018Security

As we all know, work agendas for the day change abruptly as do the demands for project completions. When this happens, our daily work schedules change as well. We find ourselves either reporting earlier for work or working later hours. Therefore, it is best to devise ways to ensure our safety while entering the workplace earlier or leaving at later hours. Stay alert and take the proper precautions by using some of the safety tips below:

Maintain constant communication:

  1. If you suspect that you are the only person remaining inside of a building after hours or entering early morning, remain in contact with someone via phone as you enter or exit the building to inform them of your welfare and that you are either coming in to work early or working late alone.
  2. If security personnel are on duty, alert them that you are working early or late for their awareness and your safety. Request that security randomly check in your area for your safety and other emergencies (medical reasons, etc.) while you are working alone.
  3. While working, stay close to your phone for emergency purposes. Try to avoid walking throughout the hallways alone as much as is possible. If you have a project that calls for lots of movement and that movement requires movement from one building to the other, request security to escort you when it is feasible for them while performing their other duties.
  4. At the end of the work day, inform security that you are exiting the building. Inform all of the individuals that you have been in contact with concerning your welfare that you have safely left your work place and that you are either in route to your residence or you have arrived at your residence safely.

While at the job site: 

  1. Safeguard your valuables in case you are not the only one remaining in the building. If you leave your area for a short period, lock your office or work area until you return to resume working.
  2. If requested, have security to check on you in your area and give some type of agreed upon knock on the door if you are working in a locked area.

When leaving the job site: 

  1. Prior to leaving your work place, request security follow or escort you to your vehicle or to public transportation on or at the property. If driving your personal vehicle, make it a habit to move your vehicle close to the building you are working in prior to hours of darkness. If you are entering for work early, park close to the building but, move your vehicle to its proper parking location when it is apparent that security is visible or many of your co-worker are entering for work.
  2. Before walking out to your vehicle, place your keys in your hand for instant access into your vehicle. Always check around the area of your vehicle prior to approaching for safety reasons. Never hesitate to return to your work place if you are curious about suspicious individuals in and around your vehicle. Always report incidents to security or if no security present, report all incidents involving criminal acts to the local authorities.

Remember, by working together and staying aware, we can help each other stay safe!

God Bless You All,

Ron Hicks
Director of Security


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