Confirmation Class of 2016 Affirmation of Faith

Sixth Grade Confirmation_HS

Confirmation Class of 2016 Affirmation of Faith

(Written by the Confirmation Class of 2016)

We believe that God is our Father, our creator and our shepherd.

God is loving, forgiving and within us all. God is real and gives life to everyone and everything.

We believe Jesus died for our sins and rose from the dead.

Jesus is a healer, a forgiver and our savior.

We believe the Holy Spirit is always a part of us.

The Holy Spirit binds us together, gives us hope, and hears our prayers.

We believe as a human beings, we are not perfect.

Sometimes we mess up and do things against God, but we are forgiven for our sins.

We believe the Holy Bible guides me throughout life in both good times and bad.

God’s word is the sword of our spirit that can help me find answers.

We believe the church is a safe haven to worship and be close to God.

It is a place of forgiveness where you can be yourself.

We believe as disciples of Jesus, we should cherish our jobs as Christians.

We will care, be kind, have integrity, and spread God’s word as we go out to be one of

God’s people in the world.



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