Advent 2018: Silent Night

By November 26, 2018Advent

Christmas — and all the days leading up to it — and silence?

Pairing these two things is not the reality for most people. We make our plans well in advance in attempt to stave off the holiday panic and anxiety we anticipate; most often, silence is the last thing we associate with this season.

Yet, Buechner’s words resonate with something deep in our being. We know there is something awesome to be embraced. We strain our souls in the midst of our busy-ness, longing to hear that faint calling to, “be still, and know” God.

Advent is the preparation for the glorious news that God comes to us — to the world — in the flesh. God truly is with us. On that “silent night,” with its angel proclamations, peasant adoration, and humble beginnings, Emmanuel (meaning “God with us”) is born into this world to usher in a new way of seeing and being that encompasses hope and love and joy and peace. Advent invites us to hold our breath and listen into the silence; to inhale and catch a whiff of some fragrance that enlivens both memory and hope. Advent calls us into to something quite extraordinary.

This year, it just so happens that Christmas Eve is the 200th anniversary of the debut of the beloved carol, “Silent Night.” In observance of this special occasion, FUMCFW will be using the lyrics to this beautiful carol as the basis of our theme throughout the Advent season. As this worship series celebrates the “Silent Night” message during the season of Advent, we invite you to listen for its call as a guide for your life — all year long.

Especially on Christmas Eve, when something powerful and mystical occurs as we light our candles together and sing the hope of, “all is calm, all is bright,” we celebrate not only this beautiful timeless hymn, but also this message of peace and light for our world.

Rev. Linda McDermott
Associate Pastor of Worship

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