An Accidental Harvest?

By November 22, 2013Sanctuary

Staff_Marshall, Mike“Mike, where did you put that rotten pumpkin….behind the garage by chance?” My wife had good reason to ask that question during the spring. Jan had noticed an unusual “weed” in a corner of the backyard. Thankfully her instincts said this was something different. It was a tiny pumpkin vine! I confessed that I was so lazy with our purchased pumpkins in 2012 that I eventually tossed one out of sight. But by summer, a beautiful series of vines took over that part of the yard and were definitely “in sight”. Our grandson Aaron helped water the patch every time he visited. What fun!

Soon the ultimate wonder happened. In September some tiny, light-green pumpkins appearedwith bright yellow flowers. Most of them withered away – but one took hold and began to grow rapidly. It’s color changed to a deep green. Even though the vines died in last week’s freeze, the pumpkin is alive and strong and anxious to meet Aaron when he returns for Thanksgiving!


On one level, this seemed like the most accidental of harvests. We never intended to be pumpkin farmers and yet we are. What first looked like an accident now seems providential! We have cherished the presence of God through this miracle of creation and growth. Growth in the fruits of the earth – and growth in the divine love that multiplies our human love and gratitude. Kind of like Paul’s words to his beloved Philippians, “Every time you cross my mind, I break out in exclamations of thanks to God.  Each exclamation is a trigger to prayer…. So this is my prayer: that your love will flourish and that you will not only love much, but well.”

May you love well this Thanksgiving!



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