On The Absence of a Signal

Charme RobartsI was dreaming I think
Running west to east in the city
Pony tail flying — the best part, right?
Ahead the traffic light is stuck on yellow — don’t stop/ don’t go
Exhilarating!  Must all things be one way or the other?
Decidedly not

I was dreaming I think
Running north to south in the city
I can see me coming from the other way
10f349ee9792ae9b047f911a6c9c5a45Pony tail flying
The traffic light ahead is also stuck on yellow — don’t stop/don’t go
Will worlds collide if I stop/if I go?
Do all the rules apply when you are dreaming?

On the soft edge of awareness where dreams
Raise the windows and come in
We awaken to this reality:
We get through life largely without ever knowing how
The uncertain yellow is lit by the sunrise
We run by its light
This is faith in progress



The Community Advocate Office coordinates the joint efforts of church members and friends of the church to end homelessness. Life coaching, mentoring, social and educational activities, provide opportunities for people to lead fuller lives of sharing and caring for each other.


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