A Wow and a Fun Challenge

Mark BurrowsFamilies,

First the Wow:

The Halloween Carnival was amazing . . . and HUMONGOUS!

We loved seeing SO MANY people come out on a beautiful Sunday afternoon to spend time together as a big church family.

Kudos to Heather Teems and Janice Cooper for being awesome.

We are already looking at ways to make it even better next year.

Now the Challenge:

As you know, Sunday is the last day for our October Attendance Challenge.

It’s also two days before Halloween. So let’s have some fun.

Kids — I challenge you to come on Sunday dressed as your favorite Bible person/animal/object.

It cannot be a fancy, store-bought costume. You have to make it yourself . . . and you (not your parents) have to do at least most of the making.

It does not have to be elaborate. Keep it simple. Give it a shot! This will be fun.

And to sweeten the deal . . . kids who come in costume as their favorite Bible person/animal/thing will have their attendance count twice toward the October Attendance Challenge.

That means if your class has 18 kids, and 12 show up in costume, that counts as 30!

Mmmm, can you smell the pancakes?



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