A Tiny Assignment

Charme Robarts, Community Advocate and DiscipleChurch Coordinator

I gave DiscipleChurch a suggestion of something to do during this time, and so I pass it on to you in case it is useful.

Look around your house and pick out some object of any kind that means something to you and just think about it for a while. What’s the story of it? Where did it come from, how long have you had it? Who has been in your house and admired it with you?

Also what about something you’ve had forever and maybe you scarcely think about it? What service has it given you?
There is a woman named Marie Kondo (you may have seen her on TV or video) who teaches people to tidy up their houses by getting rid of stuff. I’m not suggesting you get rid of stuff — that is your business — but the point I’m noting is that she says to look at that thing and say, “thank you for your service.” I love that idea even for the things I’m not getting rid of! I”m including a picture of something I have.
Here’s the story of my Texas candle holder.
Back in the 90s my husband and I were serving a church in Abilene. Some of my girlfriends took yearly trips to Canton to the giant flea market. I didn’t go with them because, well, frankly, we were raising four kids and just didn’t have discretionary money. The husband of one of those girlfriends  perceived that was the reason. So he gave me money in a nice card and said, “go have fun and don’t be embarrassed about receiving this.”
So I bought this lovely thing and probably will keep it until I die. Generosity bound up in the loveliness of the object, memories of having it burning when guests and family were around…”thank you for your service.”
I hope you have fun trying this exercise. One of the great ideas of our faith is, “in everything give thanks.”

Charme Robarts
Community Advocate


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