A Lifetime Investment

INVEST – This is our 2022 stewardship campaign theme. The campaign officially kicks off Sunday, October 31 and runs through November 21.

I am excited about this call to action which bubbled up as a result of a recent conversation about church member engagement.

Church member engagement raises questions such as:

  • What are the motivating factors that bring individuals and families into our sacred spaces and keeps them coming back?
  • What is it that incites a family to build a church legacy starting with a mother who walked over to our present site from the 7th Street and Taylor location in 1930 and served as an inspiration to her son ninety-one years later who is investing in First Church’s future through his generosity?
  • How and why are individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, age, faith history, marital status, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, education, and physical or mental ability choosing First Church to live out their personal discipleship?
  • Why are adults and children choosing to INVEST their time, talent and treasure into the ministries of First United Methodist Church of Fort Worth on a daily basis?

Dr. Bruster wrote a blog about The Parable of Talents which included the following nugget of wisdom:

“God gives abundantly: abilities, spiritual gifts, intellect, family, friends, material resources. God has entrusted all [of these gifts] that we have and all that we are to invest in ways that are life-giving and that make our world a better place.”

Over the next four weeks, you will see and hear from several First Church Investors. You will learn about their acquired “dividends” and the “return on their investment.” You will hear how their investment strategy has changed throughout the different seasons of their life, and you will learn why they hope that their investments today will benefit their family as well as countless unknown individuals in the future.

As you hear these personal stories and ponder Dr. Bruster’s wise words, I hope you will be inspired to devote time, thought and prayer on how God has blessed you and how you will bless others by investing in First Church through your 2022 Commitment to Ministry and Operating Fund.

Thank you!

Nancy Fisher
Director of Stewardship


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