A Fond Farewell

Thank You.

I was attempting to find some artful way to say thank you and farewell as I come to the end of my work life at FUMC. I am retiring December 31, and as I sit here in my nearly empty office with most everything checked off my list, I realize that what I really want to say is that my heart is full of gratitude for this ten-year chapter in my life.

I am so grateful to my coworkers and to all the members of our congregation for enriching my life. I’ve learned from you, I’ve been inspired by you. I have laughed and cried with you. I have felt at home with you. My gratitude is framed with some sadness for the end of this special time.

But though I will no longer be on staff, FUMC is still my church. My church with its long legacy of caring for people in need. My church with its beautiful architecture, its quietly babbling fountain in the garden, my church with its captivating stained glass windows. My church with its sheltering trees all around campus. My church where children are cherished and taught how to live in faith, where adults can explore their faith, and where we can all find love and support at all times.

I will wait with you while we continue to meet through videos and streaming and zooming. And I will be glad with you when we can get back together. I will pray with thanksgiving and with hope for healing for all our troubles, for all our days, and for peace that sees us through no matter what.

Much love,



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