A Celtic Pilgrimage Into the Inner Landscape of Beauty and Beyond

Len Delony1During this past summer, Tom McDermott and many others from our church went on a pilgrimage to Ireland. For a while before they left, I was almost the color of the Emerald Isle with envy, but by the time they departed, I had recovered and was delighted to join them (in prayer) and hear about the journey upon their return. Among many experiences, one of the most meaningful was when they built a “Peace Labyrinth” on the border of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

(Here is Tom’s blog about that journey.)

Now, for all those who traveled beyond the Texas border this summer, and all of us who stayed very close to home, I am delighted to share the good news that, for free, we all can go together on this new pilgrimage beginning this fall. It is a churchwide adventure that will lead us to new depths, and awe-inspiriting vistas. And it can all happen within and all around our church.

At our staff meeting yesterday, Lance Marshall gave a preview of the wonderful “travel plans” developed by a diverse and dedicated small group of laypeople from the church. And it will help us be very intentional about going on this journey together in a way that everyone can be included. Back in July, I wrote a blog about the visit from Susan Beaumont (the top-notch consultant who will help us listen to our main guide — our souls joined with God). Each and every one of us will have our own “compass” to help us notice the “inner landscape of beauty.” For that is where we all must be present, in solitude and together in God’s grace, so we can listen in wonder to the callings from God for our church and respond to the Spirit’s direction in this unique time of need. There will be more on “Focus First” soon.

May we all have eyes that see and ears that hear . . .

I highly recommend these links as you prepare all your senses for this sacred journey.

Grace and peace all along the way . . .


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