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By June 25, 2015DiscipleChurch, Worship

Staff_Langley, CaseyOne week ago, this morning, we all woke to the news that nine precious people had their lives taken from them ‑ from their families and communities. As details of this horrifying act of hatred were revealed to the public, I felt myself becoming more overwhelmed by the heartbreak. You may have felt it too. Helpless. Wounded. Vulnerable.

And in the midst of that week, I began to prepare for this Sunday’s sermon. And I opened my copy of the little book, All Will Be Well. All will be well. All will, indeed, be well.

I don’t know how exactly. I haven’t figured it out. I don’t know how the wounds on those nine families, that church, that community, this nation, will heal. But I have faith that they will.

I have faith because Jesus’ gospel of love is bigger than any rhetoric of hatred. And this week, I have been reminded that I may lose my balance and the world may feel shaky and overwhelming, but God is the ground of my very being. God is the strong foundation on which I take my steps. God’s power is in God’s love. And when nothing else is reliable — God is.

God wants us to know four things:
First, he is the ground from whom
we derive our life and our very existence.
Second, he protects us with strength and mercy
while we are in sin,
in the midst of our savage foes.
We jeopardize ourselves
because we give them the opportunity to attack us,
and we are unaware of our need.
Third, he courteously safeguards us
and alerts us when we go awry.
Fourth, with forbearance, God waits for us
and does not grow angry or sullen,
because above all God wants us to turn to him
and become united to him through love,
as he already is linked to us.

— Julian of Norwich, All Will Be Well, p. 98

I look forward to being with you on Sunday.




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