58 Years — A Legacy of Compassion, Service, Devotion, and Timeless Support

By September 29, 2022FMC Foundation

58 Years — A Legacy of Compassion, Service, Devotion, and Timeless Support

First Methodist Church of Fort Worth Foundation
September 30, 1964—September 30, 2022

This Friday, September 30, marks a significant milestone in the life of the First Methodist Church of Fort Worth Foundation. Fifty-eight years ago, with just $2,500 in initial donations, the Foundation was started by a group of leaders in our Church. For over 58 years, the Foundation has received donations large and small from wills, estates, insurance policies, oil and gas royalties, and even donors’ homes from generous contributors looking for a way to provide timeless support. All monies donated to the Foundation remain intact; only the income generated through the investment of donated funds is released to the Church for its use; keeping the initial gift preserved in perpetuity. Hank Paup, President of the Foundation Board of Directors, says, “When you complete a gift to the foundation it is permanently preserved as an endowment, forever benefiting our church. To paraphrase the Beatles, ‘The gifts you make will be there forever to partake’ (Beatles, “The End”, Abby Road, 1969)”.

During the past 58 years, the Foundation’s assets have grown from the original $2,500 to over $75vmillion dollars, becoming one of the largest church foundations in America. From 1964 to 2022, the Church received earnings from the Foundation’s investments totaling $65.5 million. These earnings preserve the magnificent building that is the spiritual home to thousands of people from all levels of society, ensuring that more generations may continue to find inspiration, guidance, and comfort in our Church. Earnings from the Foundation’s investments have made it possible for our Church to purchase land for parking and renovations of the main church building, the mission, the Foundation Building, Lyle Lodge, and the Justin Building. It has also provided the needed funds for maintenance of our facilities, the NEXT90 Phase I, and supplements the Church’s annual operating budget.

In addition to maintaining and improving the Church’s properties, the Foundation earnings support programs dear to donors’ hearts: choral and instrumental music ministries that send joyous melodies reverberating through the halls; children’s ministries that instill and nurture lifelong faith; and youth ministries creatively designed to help young people connect with God and each other. Finally, some things have not changed as we begin the Foundation’s 59th year in operation. The mission of the Foundation continues to solicit, receive, and preserve gifts in perpetuity for our Church which helps support the many wonderful ministries and missions. This year, as in every year since our beginning in 1964, we strive for careful and prayerful stewardship to support, benefit, and be responsive to the needs of our Church.


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