We will be successful. We MUST be successful

“I’ve worked with the homeless before. You won’t be successful.”

These words from a complete stranger on the street this morning stunned me.

Several of us had been participating in a campaign early this morning to raise awareness of the City of Fort Worth’s “Directions Home” program to end chronic 2012-10-26 08.31.11homelessness in our city. As I walked back to the church from the corner by Burnet Park where we had been standing with cardboard signs that said HOMELESS, HOPELESS, HELPLESS (with the “less” crossed out), he asked me what it was all about and then delivered his punch line: you won’t be successful. I beg to differ. We will be successful. We must be successful.

We live in the wealthiest nation in the world in one of the most affluent cities in our nation and we have the means and the tools we need to eliminate chronic homelessness. The need is great, the methods are proven, the resources are among us and there is a great reserve of willpower. We will be successful. Of course, it will take many people participating. It will take faith, hope and love. It will take resolve. It will take a plan. I believe we have all those things in Fort Worth.2013-05-07 09.02.08[1]

At the most current count, there are 739 homeless children in Fort Worth. Is there anyone who believes that is acceptable? Is there anyone who is satisfied with that?

I invite you to go to www.DirectionsHome.org and get informed, get motivated, and get involved.

Together, let’s work to transform those painful words HOMELESS, HOPELESS, and HELPLESS to those beautiful words: HOME, HOPE, and HELP.

We won’t be successful? I beg to differ!

Grace and Peace,



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