5.17.15 in DiscipleChurch

brooks_webDiscipleChurch Family and Friends:

This Sunday I will be asking you to consider if you are really happy. And if you are really yourself.

And I will be asking you where and how we should look for happiness. And ourselves.

As preparation for that, I ask you to consider a story about a Sufi master reported by Thomas Keating in his marvelous book entitled The Human Condition.

A certain Sufi master was trying to teach his disciples a lesson about themselves and happiness. So the master asked his disciples to meet him at his home at a certain time. When they arrived, they found the master on his hands and knees, sifting by hand through the grass and dirt and plants outside his house. The disciples asked him, “Master, what are you looking for?” He answered, “The key to my house. I have lost it.” “May we be allowed to help you?” asked his followers. “I’d be delighted if you would,” he replied. “It’s why I invited you here.” So all of them got down on their hands and knees, and started imitating their master, sifting by hand through every blade of grass and every plant stem and root and leaf, and every patch of dirt.  After considerable time passed with no success in finding the key, the oldest disciple became frustrated and asked, “Master, do you remember where you were when you lost the key?” “Yes,” replied the master. “I lost it inside my house.”  “What?! Then why are we looking for the key out here?” the disciples all asked as one? “Because the light is better out here,” replied the master.

See you Sunday? We’ll look together for ourselves and happiness. But maybe where it’s not so bright and easy.

Your brother,



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