This Sunday in eleven:eleven!

Staff_McDermott, TomThis Sunday I am excited we will have Charme Robarts speaking, and leading worship, in eleven:eleven celebration! Check out her posting below for an inspiring look at Sunday’s theme. 

Charme is a member of First UMC and the eleven:eleven community and very recently came on staff as our first ever Community Advocate under the area of Compassion and Justice Ministries. Check out her blog posts to see some of the great things already happening in that ministry!

I will be out Sunday, taking advantage of a brief hiatus from sermon prep and spending an afternoon with my mother. We’ll be watching the live stream of eleven:eleven; but I hope you can be present — I know you will be glad you were!

Meanwhile, I want to remind you of our first community lunch in a long time, which I hope you can join in:

our “there IS such a thing as a free lunch!” lunch

Sunday, May 17 | 12:30 – 2:00 pm | Wesley Hall
let’s get together, have some fun 
and celebrate our community and newest members

lunch provided by 
“the savor chef” & “nothing bundt cakes”
entertainment by elizabeth wills & friends  

for more info, or if you can help with the quick set up 
after eleven:eleven, contact Marianne Wilson at 817/339-5071

See you in two Sundays!


Staff_Robarts, CharmeTwig, DropletsWhat Ever You Do Love Will Find You

One of the songs we sing at eleven:eleven is What Ever You Do Love Will Find You. There are times when that may seem like a wild promise made by people who feel happy all the time. The truth is that song may mean the most against the back drop of intense searching and endless waiting.

But then it happens. The pale color of leaves in the early spring, the smell of the earth when it’s about to rain. It’s that nameless something.

598God finds us, appearing as beauty. We may have been looking for something else, like Adam and Eve who only saw the apple and not the whole garden. But, beauty doesn’t preach at us like that, beauty comes to us awakening our senses, drawing us a way for a while to wonder and inspiring us to do the next thing.

I hope to see you Sunday to celebrate Beauty, which is after all, another name for God.




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