This Sunday in eleven:eleven, An Ode to Joy in Story and Song

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This Sunday in eleven:eleven celebration, March 22, 2015 . . .

An Ode to Joy

A Special Lenten Celebration of Story and Song


“. . . do that, and God, who makes everything work together, will work you into the most excellent harmonies.”

Philippians 4: 4-9 (the message)

There are days where it seems we “can’t get no, satisfaction”, where “hard times” are all about us at home and abroad, where “our cup is too full and our hearts too empty.” Where do we find joy in the world and in our own lives when sadness can seem ever present?560876_459882930714093_1320201164_n1

Is joy something that just happens to us; or is it a reality we enter into, we learn to cultivate in the space we inhabit moment to moment and day to day? Is it the emotion felt at the conclusion of a wedding tied to all its antecedent hopes and dreams; a college achievement or job promotion; the purchase of a new home? Or is it more like a child simply at play? Or an artist, a doctor, a homemaker, a case worker passionately working their craft, their heart’s calling?

What if joy is not so much a singular emotional moment as it is a relationship, where each moment God invites us to seek out, commit to and cultivate that which connects us all rather than seeking out a gift or prize or ideal consequence from some specific possession, status or achievement?

This Sunday we continue our Lenten reflections on Saint Francis’ Prayer — “where there is sadness, sow joy” . . .

…with the music of the Rolling Stones, EastmountainSouth, traditional Gospel, Three Dog Night and Tears for Fears. And a guest appearance by a new improv group,

“Wind with Words.”






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