23rd Psalm

Nancy Froman_150I attended a funeral this past Saturday at another United Methodist Church in the Fort Worth area. It was a Celebration of Life for the mother/grandmother of a family that I became very close with at the first church I served as a minister. She was 98 years old and the church was full of family and church friends. Her four granddaughters gave beautiful “Grandma Memories” stories — each laughing and crying as they spoke. The pastor remarked, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” In the bulletin her family wrote, “She was our ‘Queen’ who lived a beautiful life helping others who had needs and teaching us humility.” We left for a meal lovingly prepared by friends to the song, “Sweet, Sweet Spirit” and ate and shared more stories together. It could not have been a more beautiful memorial for her.

We all read the 23rd Psalm together during the service. I could say it completely from memory with confidence after leading the Journey of Faith Nature Walks at our Children’s Day Camp at Lyle Lodge. We spent the whole week learning a verse or two and adding them on until we knew the whole chapter! Even while we were eating lunch, Mister Mark had the children/leaders repeating it until we knew it. I remember first attempting to learn it in 3rd grade here at FUMCFW when I was a child. I am grateful to have it in my heart and mind and know I can repeat it when I am sad or scared or anxious.

. . . God restoreth my soul . . .

Grace and peace,

Rev. Nancy Froman


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