2021 Stewardship Campaign: Faithful

I really want to see you to pass along some spiritual gift to you so that you can be strengthened. What I mean is that we can mutually encourage each other while I am with you. We can be encouraged by the faithfulness we find in each other, both your faithfulness and mine.

~ Romans 1:11-12

Back in mid-March when the decision to go to online worship and ministries in order to keep our fellow disciples safe, the clergy and staff viewed this action as doable and short-term. The worship team and the communications team did their creative magic allowing us to be together on Sunday mornings and during the week, giving us the spiritual uplift, we all needed. The feedback from members was that of gratitude and accolades. Often Rev. Lance Marshall would say during his morning Zoom Devotional how wonderful it was to see familiar names and faces. Everyone felt the same way.

I think we also gain something more than the joy of seeing familiar faces. Just as the Apostle Paul found encouragement through the faithfulness of his fellow Romans, I find inspiration, hope, and comfort through each of YOU!

I am truly thankful for all of our members who hung in there with us through the summer. You were our cheerleaders who always showed up! We know it was not always easy; technology, as good as it is, can also be frustrating and tiresome. And yet in spite of it all, you remained strong in your faith as reflected by your participation, prayers and giving which brought the much-needed encouragement to our clergy, staff, and other fellow disciples.

As we begin planning for 2021, there is the realization that First Church as we knew it prior to March 15th will not be the same church going forward, and that is OK. OK, because our reason for being together in community has not changed. As it was before the pandemic, it remains for us as Christ’s disciples to be faithful to God’s mission and purpose.

Over the next four weeks, as we talk about the 2021 Stewardship Annual Ministry Fund Campaign, let each of us consider how we can use our gifts to uplift and invigorate all who we encounter in the faith while at the same time honoring the boundless faithfulness of God. Take some time to consider how you have been blessed. Consider what your responsibility is to the world around you and then let those considerations influence your generosity.

As a way of demonstrating your ever-growing faithfulness that comes through Christ and your loving support for FUMCFW’s ministries, please join with Jack, me, and other fellow members in returning your 2021 Commitment Card. In doing so, we are the faithful body of Christ for all who enter our doors, whether they come to us online or onsite.

Please know I am thankful for you.

Together thru Christ,

Nancy Fisher
Director of Stewardship


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